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Having a bit of extra free time on my hands due the school holidays means an opportunity to keep promoting my writing. I’ve been saving up my Amazon promotion days to give out some freebies starting this weekend.

Starting tomorrow, my short story collection, “When the Revolution Comes” will be free to download until monday.

“When the Revolution Comes” is a collection of short stories set in the small country of Gallovia. Gallovia is thrown into turmoil as a violent revolution erupts. The stories, “Suspended Sentence”, “Bitter Lemons”, “Working for the Clampdown”, “The Final Curtain” and “A Small Victory”, presents five snapshots showing the turmoil of revolution through the eyes of the people caught up in the struggle.

If you download a copy I’d love to hear your feedback – no one has left any reviews yet!

You can download from HERE

You can also get the links and read more about me on my Amazon author page.