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through the darkest door

This week I decided it was about time that I got my backside into gear and started doing something more productive with my writing. I was inspired by Brendan’s Gisby’s recent blog on self publishing which sent me rifling through my story folder looking for some new work to submit to McStorytellers.  I always have a couple of stories in reserve that I’ve been “saving” for …well actually I don’t know what really. It used to be the annual slog of literary competitions until i realised the chances of someone like me winning the Bridport was a pipe dream and I’d be better off spending the entrance fee on some new music or something. Ditto most of the other well known and lesser known comps that draw in thousands of aspiring authors every year. I’d dabbled with self publishing mainly as a way of playing about with the technology and figuring out how it worked. I’d put out a wee themed collection and then a couple of Christmas stories (which I’d published as a nice wee gift for family and friends – giving them away for free over the holidays and then being presently surprised when a few folk actually forked over 99p to buy one!)

Anyway, I looked at all the stories I’d accumulated and thought to myself – “why send a couple of stories when I have enough here to do something a bit more substantial?” I got in touch with Brendan and pitched him the idea of putting out an anthology under the McStorytellers banner. Emails were exchanged and in no time at all Brendan had prepped a forty story collection fully formatted and ready to be published.

If you come here often you are no doubt aware of the developing paradigm shift in the world of publishing. Once upon a time, not so long ago, the idea of putting out your own work without the aid of one of the big boys was tainted with the label of “Vanity publishing” which nobody really took seriously. The name carried with it the stench of hubris and self delusion and images of faux-leather bound books gathering dust in garages and attics.

Computers have changed all that. Social Media, E-Books and Print on Demand technology have levelled the playing field to some extent and the power has started to be wrenched from the hands of publishing conglomerates and given to the thousands of would-be writers struggling to make it out of the slush piles.

In a lot of ways it reminds me of the music scene in the early 70s, dominated by major labels and stadium filling rock bands and then …pow! Punk arrives with the instructions: “This is chord. This is another. This is a third. Now form a band.” Bands like the Buzzcocks started bypassing the major labels completely to put their own singles out and inadvertantly started “Independent” labels dedicated to doing the same thing for other bands. These new labels were run on a shoestring but the limitations only forced them to be more creative and unafraid to take risks. They were run by people for the love of seeing the music get out there rather than for profit.

So the way I see it McStorytellers could be the literary equivalent of Factory, Mute, Postcard, Creation and all the others, leading a vanguard of literary renegades across the new frontiers of digital publishing and I’m proud to be part of it.

This week then those forty stories were launched upon an unsuspecting world when “Through The Darkest Door” was published. I don’t expect to set the world on fire. I don’t expect to trade my Ford Focus for a stretch limo or to be able to give up my day job, but I will be able to stand up proud and point to that book and say: “I did it my way.”

You can decide for yourself by following one of the links below. If you like what you’ve read afterwards please don’t forget to leave a review for future readers who might decide to check out my work for themselves based on your words.

UK Kindle version

US Kindle version

UK paperback version

US paperback version


cover concept version 2

After a bit of faffing around converting it to a Kindle Friendly format I am pleased to announce that this year’s Christmas story is here for you all to enjoy.

The plan has been to write a Christmas themed short story every year to give away to friends and family. Last year I put out Reindeer Dust which was my first foray into the world of electronic publishing. As usual I’ve opted for a non-traditional Christmas story – this time we have Elves and Zombies running amuck at the North Pole with typically gruesome consequences. Don’t worry though, it’s all a bit tongue in cheek – think more Shaun of the Dead than Walking Dead.

As usua, in keeping in the spirit of the season, I am giving it away for free. The story went live in the Kindle Store today but from tomorrow you will be able to download it for zilch. The promotion will last until Saturday the 22nd as I can only give it awy for a maximum of five days. If you don’t have a Kindle (and who knows, maybe Santa is bringing you one) you can always download the free Kindle Viewer app from Amazon which will allow you to still read it on your computer, ipad etc.

To keep you going until then I have also made all of my other e-books free from today until Friday.

Get them here:

Christmas Night of the Living Dead (UK)

Christmas Night of the Living Dead (USA)

Reindeer Dust (UK)

Reindeer Dust (USA)

When the Revolution Comes (UK)

When the Revolution Comes (USA)

Himself by the Seaside (UK)

Himself by the Seaside (USA)

If you like what you read, please, please, please leave a review telling people what you thought.

Not being any good at drawing or painting I have to rely on good old Photoshop and stock pictures to come up with cover ideas.

The hard part of actually writing the story is pretty much done at this point and now I have to convert it into something ebook/Kindle friendly for you all. It’s been ages since I’ve done this – almost a year in fact, so I’ve had to rake in some fairly dusty corners of my brain to remember how to do these things.

Anyway, presented below is an attempt at a cover for this year’s Christmas story. Have a look and see what you think…

cover concept version 2

Whatever your feelings about Kindles and E-book in general from a reading standpoint, there is no doubt that it has opened up the world of publishing to the masses like never before. Writer Lee Crompton shares his own personal experience of the digital world in this blog from the Shortbread short stories website.

Have a read and hopefully feel inspired to take your own first steps into the world of self-publishing.

Lee Crompton’s Blog › Paperless Back Writer | Shortbread.

I realised today that I have been neglecting the promotion of my e-publishing empire of late. I’m planning on putting together another collection of short stories soon to enter into a competion. In the meantime I remembered that I have some free promotion days to use up for my existing e-books available from the Amazon Kindle store.

Himself By The Seaside will be available from tomorrow until Monday – get it here if you’re in the UK or here if you are in the USA.

When The Revolution Comes will be available from tomorrow until Sunday – get it here if you’re in the UK or here if you are in the USA.

Although Spring has sprung and Summer is nearly upon us you can remind yourself of winter with a free copy of my one-off Christmas short story, Reindeer Dust which will also be £0.00 from Saturday through Sunday – get it here if you’re in the UK or here if you are in the USA.

If you already have these books and enjoyed them please recommend them to your Kindle owning friends or leave a review for others to see. So far only Reindeer Dust has garnered any sort of feedback and (apart from some positve reviews from some of you) that was mostly American readers telling me they had bought it expecting a nice happy Christmas story and were extremely disappointed when the got something different. Oh, and a big shout out also to Steve Porter who wrote a very long positive review of Himself by the Seaside.