A new and very positive review of  “Himself by the Seaside” written by Steven Porter can be found here

A review of the recent launch of “Himself By The Seaside” can be read on the website. Find it here.

Other reviews

What they said about “Trick or Treat”

“oh, there is nothing funnier than children dying, or freaking out, or maybe just in pain. Really! This is sick and I can find no redeeming quality to offer the reader. Oh look, this is the winner of the Halloween Formula 500. I stand by my judgment.”

I cannot believe, in this dangerous age of influence, media and writing that someone could suggest such a story line end. Maybe I don’t get it (as Rex said to Potato Head in Toy Story!). Until the final paragraph the plot retained my interest but… My suggestion, give up writing and find a councillor for your dark thoughts. When cured, rejoin and write a story with a pleasant end.”

“A Small Victory”

“so real, so captivating. The disturbing nature of truth of the former dictator regimes echo in the background.”

“This was so raw and real I am chilled by it…  I feel tears in my eyes as I recognise the ongoing horror beyond.”


“…screams out at the reader as loudly as the music it mentions.”


“A Fine Romance”

“Alan Warner would be proud. Reminded me of The Port and The Sopranos and their crazy under-age nights in the pub/disco. Particularly enjoyed the humour – had a genuine Scottish flavour.”

“…witty and fun”

“The Breakthrough”

“…an emotionally powerful story”

“In the spirit of all the best short stories I have read, all is not what it seems. I loved it.”

“True Love Ways”

“An all too real subject, but the author handled it with aplomb. Extremely well written, the story flowed. Left me wanting to read more, of that story and of the writers other works.”

“Clever and simple – sometimes less really is more.”

“The Cleaner”

“…this felt quintessentially British and in the light of the David Kelly affair… it certainly resonated. Sharp and clean as a knife straight from the dishwasher.”

“Absolutely chilling. Even though this was spare on detail and background it was enough to carry the threat and the horror to the end.”

“Free Falling”

“…Very powerful and scarily realistic…Another fantastic story. “

“Absolutely gripping.”

“Working for the Clampdown”

“Gripping narrative of action and evocative memories. very human and very powerful”

“…a very gifted writer; I haven’t read better than this anywhere.”

“The Logic of Night”

“Truly a horror story, absolutely terrifying, but so believable. It gave me the shivers… three days after reading it, I am still recalling the awful details.”

“I thought the story sick. The author ought to see a doctor or a head shrink. I’m pleased I don’t know Bill Robertson.”

“Suspended Sentence”

“Extremely well written, a hard, chilling read that was impossible to “put down”. Although the end was inevitable it wound it’s way towards the reader like a snake. Excellent.”

“Black and White”

“…really brilliant. I loved it and felt totally transported into the story.”

“From the opening line to the final full-stop I was gripped. As the Editor said one felt ‘totally transported into the story’ whether one wanted to go there or not…”


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