Here you can find links to some of my work and other places to visit

Steven Porter’s World of Books – I had the good fortune to attend a workshop Steven gave recently on self publishing which inspired me start this blog. Check out his blog and give his work a try – I can highly recommend it.

Nick McGregor – Nick is another writer whom I have known for a long time. He is currently hard at work on a novel. He also has lots of useful links on his page for anyone interested in self publishing.

The Lemon Tree Writers – I joined Lemon Tree Writers a few years ago when I decided I needed a bit of a push to improve my writing. I have been lucky enough to meet a great group of people who have offered endless support, encouragement and advice that hopefully has seen me take my writing to a higher level.

Shortbread – I joined this website early this year as a means to getting some of my stories out into the world where people could read them. So far I’ve had 20 published. If you click here you can have a read yourself.

Journeys, is an anthology of writing from the Lemon Tree Writers and features “Free Falling” a short story by me. It can be bought from Amazon or directly from me.

  1. David,

    I saw and heard your stories on Short Bread Stories. I’m introducing a service to allow authors to publish audio versions of short stories, poems, and/or a chapter of their book, participate in contests, get civilized critiques, give civilized critiques, etc. The service is at

    I think is great, but I want to provide a more active service aimed at helping authors build a following for their published or completed books, and displaying their talents through the recorded audio stories.

    I would love to have your audio story or stories at Please drop by and include your email for the launch, or let me know if you’re interested, in response to this email, so that I may add you as one of the initial 100 members of the service.


    Samori Augusto

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