About Me

I am a writer living just outside Aberdeen. While I’ve been writing for a large chunk of my life, I’ve only really been taking it more seriously in the last few years. I have written a large number of short stories and would like to complete at least one novel before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

My work has appeared in “Journeys” an anthology of work by the Lemon Tree Writers, “Himself by the Seaside”, http://www.shortbreadstories.co.uk and I have another story waiting to be published in a future issue of Chapman which might see the light of day sometime. I have also read/performed some of my stories at Wordfringe events in Aberdeen and at this year’s Word Festival where I got to meet Margaret Atwood and hang about in the green room with lots of proper writers!

  1. Hey! Thanks for the follow! I’ve returned the favour. Cheers mate!!

  2. Clarabelle says:

    Hi there, thank you so much for dropping by my blog today, I really do appreciate it and very well done you on your success with your writing. I live in Scotland too, just outside Glasgow but never been to Aberdeen yet. Clarabelle

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