ebook chart2Well friends and neighbours, Christmas Night of the Living Dead has finished it’s launch period. After five days I have been astonished to see how well it did considering it was mostly written as a fun thing to share with friends and seperate from my “proper” writing.

The story came out on Tuesday. I duly posted links on my facebook wall and in the Kindle forums letting everyone know that there was a free Christmas story going a begging. I sat back expecting a bit of a rush as my friends and family dutifully downloaded it and then a dribble of downloads from curious passer’s by…

As Tuesday turned into Wendesday it was clear something different was happening. Every time I checked the sales reports more copies had gone. I’d put my other e-books on promotion as well and a few of those were shifting as well but the new story was flying! I checked in and found that I’d made it up to number 30 in the top 100 free e-books on Amazon.com in the Humour and Horror categories and was ranked at number 474 overall out of all the free ebooks! B y today I was number 14 – one place above the kindle edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein! In total 1167 copies of the story were downloaded.

Of course, now the free promotion has ended the downloads have come to a complete halt, but out there in the digitial domain there are now over 1000 potential readers for the next thing I publish. From little acorns…


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