English: Stephen King signature.

English: Stephen King signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

James Smythe’s oddessy to re-read every single published work by Stephen King finally hits the “Dark Tower” series this week as he muses on “The Gunslinger“.

I have to confess to reading “The Gunslinger” much later than the other Dark Tower books. I remember hearing about the books from a fellow King fan at school. A trip to the local library uncovered “The Drawing of the Three” which as all King fans know is the second book in the series. It didn’t matter to me – there was even a handy summary of the first book at the start to clue me in. I sat down with the book and fell into mid-world for a few days until it was finished. I’ve followed the series from then on to the bitter (sweet?) end when King finally published the last book a couple of years back. Idon’t think it was until after I’d read “Wizard and Glass” that I went back and picked up a copy of “The Gunslinger”. I remember liking it but not being blown away with it the same way I had been on my first encounter with Roland of Gilead – to me it felt like a prologue to the main meat of the series, establishing a universe that was eventually to touch virtually all of King’s books in some way or another. King has since returned to mid-world with “The Wind Through The Keyhole” which I still need to pick up – after all, my mugshot is buried on the back cover!

See what James has to say here: Rereading Stephen King: week  13


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