Rereading Stephen King week 10 – Roadwork/Holiday writing

Posted: October 27, 2012 in blog updates, News
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Roadwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slight delay in sharing James’ latest blog with you due to being on holiday in Northern Ireland. This week he discusses “Roadwork” another King as Bachman story. Apparently it was mooted as a follow up to Carrie but the publishers went with ‘Salem’s Lot instead. As a teenager I have to confess starting the story and then giving up on it. I think at the time the theme of the story was too, dare I say it, “adult” for me. I tried again a few years ago and remember finishing it this time but the story has not left much of a lasting impression and I’m hard pressed to recall much detail. After reading James’s thoughts I may have to revisit it again and see if my opinions have changed now that I’m a bit older. Read what he has to say here: Rereading Stephen King week 10.

In other news, I have managed to get a bit of writing done while I was away though. After a few days of sustained keyboard bashing I finally got this year’s free Christmas story completed. I started last year with “Reindeer Dust” which for some reason continues to sell a couple of copies every month on the Kindle Store. The plan is to write a new Christmas themed tale every year which I can distribute as a freebie to all my family, friends and loyal blog readers! This year I have written a tongue in cheek tale of zombies and Elves called “Christmas Night of the Living Dead”.

Watch this space for a link soon.

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