Rereading Stephen King week 9 – Firestarter

Posted: October 3, 2012 in blog updates, News
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Cover of "Firestarter"

Cover of Firestarter

A bit late posting this one up as I’ve been busy lately and just haven’t had the time. James has reached Firestarter – his 9th King book and finds it a bit meh. I listened to the audiobook of Firestarter a couple of weeks back and really enjoyed it. I agree that it’s probably not the bsst thing King has ever written – solid rather than spectacular with a few great set pieces when Charley unleashes her powers. Like a lot of earlier King books it also rips along at a fair old pace – every time I’ve read the book I’ve found to be a real page turner and was suprised to find the audiobook had the same effect to the extent I was running around all weekend finding excuses to get my headphones out and listen to a bit more! Being a father of two girls I also found a lot more resonance in the plot and more sympathy with Andy McGee.

Head on over to The Guardian and James’ Blog to read his thoughts and add to the discussion or leave your comments below. Rereading Stephen King week 9



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