Re-reading Stephen King Week 8 – The Dead Zone

Posted: September 17, 2012 in blog updates, News
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The Dead Zone (novel)

The Dead Zone (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writer James Smythe continues to blaze a path through the works of Stephen King. This week he reads another one of my all time favouries – The Dead Zone.

The Dead Zone is probably one of King’s most tightly plotted novels with a number of different story threads kept in motion throughout. At it’s heart though is the tragedy of Johnny Smith, a man cursed with an ability to forsee future events. It’s a plot device that goes all the way back to Ancient Greece and the story of Cassandra. Of course Johnny’s “gift” makes him an outcast as nobody wants to get too close to a man who can see into your future and read your innermost thoughts. King cements Johnny’s isolation by having him suffer a lengthy coma which see him further adrift from the rest of the world. You just know that it’s not going to have a happy ending…

The Dead Zone is one of King’s certified classics. Read what James has to say about it over at The Guardian website – Rereading Stephen King, week 8.



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