10k training …the final countdown!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in blog updates, News
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Well eight weeks has flown by ever so fast. I’m feeling good and looking forward to the big race on Sunday. My knee seems to have sorted itself out now and I’ve even stopped wearing a support on it so that ‘s one less thing to worry about. Finished by final training run tonight after work. I was only supposed to do two miles, discovered I was finished less than twenty minutes later and decided to do a quick extra mile!

To my surprise my average times have been falling steadily without much extra effort (other than sticking to my training schedule of course!) On Saturday I completed a 5.2 mile course in just a shade over 40 minutes which is my best time to date. When I initially signed up for the Great Scottish Run I had my doubts about being able to finish in under one hour but now I think I’m in with a shout provided I don’t get “race fever” and hare off at the start and blow my energy too early. I’m running with a couple of mates so hopefully we’ll keep each other right. I’ve been keeping one of colleagues who is a PE teacher up to date with my progress and he reckons I could do the half marathon no problem …maybe next year!


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