English: An Ice pack

English: An Ice pack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not so good this week – I appear to be falling to pieces! After making good progress over the first three weeks I’ve been at the doctor’s on Monday with pain in my shoulders coupled with pins and needles. Not enough to stop running but uncomfortable. More serious is my left knee which seems determined to crap out on me. I either have a case of “runner’s knee”  or a problem with my iliotibial band (bit down the side of your knee) all I know is that I’m limping by the turn of a mile every run I do so it would seem advisable to rest up for this week – no more running, support bandage on and liberal use of ice packs. To be honest it was playing up a bit before now but I thought cutting my miles back a bit and wearing a support would be enough to see it off. It feels wrong to be taking a week off right in the middle of my training schedule but better that than do myself some real damage and miss the race completely!

  1. John says:

    A weeks rest probably wont affect the 10k. Do you warm-up and cool down before and after runs? And do you stretch? Also, have you had a gait analysis done at a running shop to ensure you have the right running shoes?

    • Thanks for the reply John. I do a light warm up and cool down but maybe should look at specific excercises to help my legs out. I haven’t had a run analysis done but I have tried to be more considered about how I run in terms of posture and not bouncing or over-pronating. I know a week’s break won’t kill me but I’ve been enjoying my runs so far and it’s a shame to lose a bit of momentum.

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