Vote for “Through The Darkest Door”

Posted: July 3, 2012 in blog updates, News
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Just time to make a quick plea for all you people out there in internet land to pop on over to Shortbread Stories and cast your vote for my short story collection, “Through The Darkest Door” to get to the final of the Self Publish or Perish competition. Vote HERE!

If you are unfamiliar with the Shortbread page allow me to give you a quick rundown… The site is UK based and is run by author Robin Pilcher (son of another famous author, Rosamunde Pilcher). Robin set the site up as a forum for writers to showcase the short story format which seems to be going through something of a renaissance at the moment in our attention deficit world. You don’t have to register to view the site and read stories, however, if you do you can post your own stories as well as comment on other people’s work and, most importantly for me at the moment, to cast your vote for competition entries. Best of all, the site it free to register with.

Go on, have a look. You know you want to! Find it HERE.

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