Self-publish or perish

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Shortbread short stories‘ latest competition has a lot of potential for an unpublished writer like myself. Up for grabs is a self publishing package worth £3000  including a professional website, copy editing, cover design and marketing.The tules are pretty simple…

The first 3,500 words of each submission is available for you to read online at ShortbreadStories, once you’ve picked your favourite simply click the vote button next to the chosen submission. The final winner will be selected from those with the top five public votes. The judging panel for the top winner will consist of those donating to the ‘Self-Publish or Perish’ Competition prize. (Birdwing Editing, Red Lava Design, digitalmyway, Kirby Ink, August Pictures Film Co and  ShortbreadStories) Be sure to vote before the 20th of July and the winner will be announced on the 1st of October.

To stake my claim I’ve put together a collection of 24 of my short stories called “Through the darkest door”. The competition went live today so it’s time to get voting! You can find an extract from the collection here:

“Through the darkest door” The first 3500 words basically gives you one entire story to chew on with a little taster of the next.

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Bill- yes the competition has been very well supported hasn’t it, mind you there is so much to read I am amazed that some people have been able to vote already. I was up until one this morning and only managed to get through half of them. I am doing a long list, then a shorter list and then hoping to whittle it down. Mind you I think that in the face of so many entries I may break my own rules this time and vote for more than one. I thought that Des had a lovely piece in there. Anyway good luck with it all.

  2. I’ve got part way ‘through’ Through The Darkest Door – it’s a great idea for a story; I’ve often wondered about the Pulitzer Prize winner who took his own life after photographing a starving child and a vulture in Ethiopia – I can’t think of any other work of fiction that covers how the photographer deals with their own reaction at the other end of the lens – great stuff and I will be back to finish it shortly (if you can pardon the pun, I’ve just got a bit of post-reading weariness after exam week and end of semester one!!) – I love shorts because they usually leave you wanting more and often with more to think about/imagine at the end. Best of luck.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I was inspired be reading a feature on Don McCullin who is/was a very famous photojournalist. I read his autobiography soon after and he talks a lot about how he became addicted to the danger of his job and how he had difficulty reconciling the morality of his job sometimes. I was also aware of Kevin Carter and the so called “Bang Bang Club” – Carter was the one who took the picture you mentioned of the baby and the vulture and later killed himself. There was also a little bit of Nick Ut the photographer who took the famous shot of the little girl in Vietnam running down the road after a napalm attack. Nick was instrumental in getting her out of Vietnam and getting her skin grafts etc so that was my redemptive angle.

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