Stephen King and I go back a long time. He was one of the first authors that I got hooked on when I was about twelve when I took home a copy of Christine from the Pitteuchar library one day and read it cover to cover soon after. When I went back to the library a few weeks later I was straight over to the “K” section to see what else they had. As we grow older we tend to leave most of the things from our adolescence behind us but while my tastes in fiction have broadened somewhat I’ve remained one of King’s “contant readers” through the years.

Having just finished 11.22.63 I was browsing the internet looking for a few reviews that were now safe to read without spoiling the ending and came across this article in the Guardian – “Rereading Stephen King”in which writer James Smythe reviews each one of King’s books in the order they were published as well as highlighting some of the reoccurring tropes in and stylisitic tradememarks in King’s work. So far he has covered “Carrie” and “Salem’s Lot” with “The Shining” to follow in two weeks time. Great reading so far and heartily recommended to other “constant readers” out there.


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  2. […] Re-reading Stephen King ( […]

  3. […] Re-reading Stephen King ( […]

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