A landmark this week as the number of visits to this page goes over the 300 mark.

I was feeling rather pleased with myself until I remembered that the blog page I set up for my day job has racked up almost 2000 – although admittedly in a slightly longer time frame and also benefitting from the fact that I make my students visit it for homework assignments and the like!

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I have a ClustrMap embedded on the page which gives me some feedback of where all my visitors come from. I’ve been looking at it closely to see where I’m making some kind of impact.  Despite the 300 hits I’ve had very few comments from visitors about the page. I’m astonished to see that almost half my hits are from the USA – nearly 120 of them from California but I don’t know who is visiting or why.

So come on folks, don’t be shy! I’m always happy to get feeback about the site and about the work I’ve been posting – whether it’s good or bad so share your thoughts. If you’re a fellow writer and have your own blog I’m happy to give you a plug and add a link if you’ll do the same for me.

Hope to hear from you soon!

  1. I’m nudging the 500 this week – feeling slightly miffed that more people in the USA visit than the Motherland of the UK – worried that I may re-freeze the cold war with my 1 Russian Federation visitor – puzzled as to how I can solve the European debt crisis with only 2 visitors from Greece – and hoping that someone in Kenya is not too befuddled by my ramblings (or about to scam me as an a.k.a Nigerian Prince in need of urgent funds)! good luck with your numbers, I’m also interested in reading the work of writers in blogsville so will be back for a good old rummage around your posts!

    • Hi,thanks for leaving a comment on my post and having a rummage around the blog – 17 visits today which I think qualifies as a new record!

      Loved the breakdown of all the nationalities that have visited your own page – gave me a smile which is just the job first thing on a monday morning.

      I should probably post more than just extracts from my writing but it is very difficult to find the time to do any more at the moment with holding down a full time job as a teacher and having two kids. Summer holidays are just around the corner though maybe I’ll find some more spare time then.

  2. […] seem that long ago since I posted about the numbers of hits on this blog reaching the 300 mark but after […]

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