Thought I would share another short extract from “The First Summer of Love” while the sun was still shining. I’ve sort of skipped over a section …mostly because I haven’t written it yet! This part sets up the relationship which I think is going to play a big part in the story. Both this and the next part I have written so far also involve that curious 80’s phenomenon of stealing the VW medallion off cars as popularised by The Beastie Boys. Now of course I can see that it was meant to be an ironic statement on rapper bling and not really cool at all but back then it seemed to be very cool – being 12 or so at the time the whole tongue in cheek aspect of the band at that time went pretty much over my head. I got wise later…

Anyway, here’s another slice of the work in progress…

Part 2

Paula had short hair, her fringe hung asymmetrically over her eyes. She carried herself with an air of authority and confidence that made her seem much older than she really was. She was taller than both boys but not to an intimidating degree.

‘You look just like Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys,’ she said to Ally. The idea that he looked like one of the tabloid baiting rappers seemed funny. He folded his arms in a faux B-boy stance.

‘Word,’ he said, smiling.

Her lips curled upwards into a smile and fireworks exploded deep in his chest.

Girls were funny, Ally thought. They had always been there – a separate species sharing the same space but their importance hadn’t really registered with him until recently. There had been feelings in the past, strange inexplicable crushes that made him feel a bit odd inside but he had no idea how to act on them. The strange rituals – comparing fistfuls of garish Valentine’s cards (or not in his case) the games of kiss-chase (always close but no cigar). You could have friends that were girls but not a “girlfriend”. He wasn’t stupid, he knew a little bit about relationships from reading books but this was the first time he’s actually felt all those things he’d read about.  He also felt a bit of a fraud – it was Nicky’s Beastie Boys tape they’d been playing. Ally was much more into Iron Maiden but something told him that confessing that fact at this point in time would not be a smart move.

‘I haven’t seen you around here before,’ he said.

‘We just moved in this week, ‘she told the boys. ‘I used to stay in Perth but my dad got a new job through here.’

‘I live just around the corner from here.  You going to be starting at the Academy?’

‘After the holidays.’

‘Cool. Maybe see you there.’


Ally’s mind was processing all this new information and sending messages out to the rest of his body at an alarming rate. It reminded him of the time the breaks had gone on his broke. Just like then, it was only a matter of time before he fell off.

‘So you like the Beasties then?’ she said.

‘Aye.’ The word was out before he could stop it. Nicky shot him a look.

‘Got a Vee-Dub badge yet?’

‘A what?’

‘A badge off of a Volkswagen like they wear.’

‘Oh aye. Eh, naw …no yet likes. I mean, I had one but I swapped it for some other stuff.’

‘Oh right. Pity. You’d look really cool with one.’

Ally had never been cool in his life and here was a girl no less telling him he was within inches of achieving that mythical status.

‘Well, I’ll probably pick another one up soon.’

‘Really? Amazing.’

‘Thanks for not dropping me in it back there Nicky.’

‘It’s all right – I figured you were just trying to impress her.’

‘That obvious eh?’

‘Just a wee bit,’ he grinned.

‘Where am I going to get a Volkswagen badge?’

‘You could write to them – I saw it on the news.’

‘That will take ages though.’

‘Well you could always just nick one.’

‘What if I got caught? My mum would go mental.’

Nicky shrugged. ‘You could just leave it then – she will have probably forgotten about it by the next time you see her.’

‘Aye, you’re probably right, but…’ he tailed off. He wanted this Paula girl to like him so very much.

‘You mission should you choose to accept it…’ Nicky said. He started singing the theme tune. ‘Dun dun der der dun dun der der.’

That settled it. All Ally’s thoughts of his Mum’s disapproval were cast aside.

‘This message will self-destruct in five seconds,’ he said.


God, how young do they look in this clip?!

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