The Island – Chapters 8&9

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Two more brief excerpts to momentarily disturb the tumbleweeds…

‘What was all that about?’ Jamie said once they were back outside.

‘Dunno. Do you think it has anything to do with the dee arr you gees – maybe that bloke was DS.’

‘Nah, if he was the Police he wouldn’t have come by himself. Maybe he was there to buy some gear.’

‘He didn’t look the type.’ Ryan shrugged. ‘Oh well. I don’t know about you but I’ve got a severe case of the munchies. D’you fancy a chipper?’



Frank felt an empty sensation in the pit of his stomach as he led Slater into the house. He hadn’t seen Slater in years and his unexpected arrival was troubling. The two men had never been close and hadn’t exactly parted in the friendliest of circumstances.

Slater sniffed the air, ‘Still enjoying a smoke then I see?’

Frank ignored the question. ‘How did you find me here?’

‘It wasn’t that difficult Frank. You forget who I work for.’

‘Makes sense I suppose – Postman Pat has agents everywhere.’

‘Something like that.’

‘So what brings you all this way – did I not put enough postage on a letter or something and they sent you to collect?’

‘You want the short or the long version?’

Frank glanced up at the clock, mindful of his wife’s imminent return. ‘Better make it the short version.’

‘I’m in trouble Frank and you’re the only person I think I can trust.’

‘What kind of trouble?’

Slater held up his briefcase. ‘More than you would ever believe.’


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