The Island – chapter 2

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A very short chapter this…

Jack Slater had the kind of non-descript oval face that let him blend in with almost any crowd. His hair was trimmed neat but not too short, with only the suggestion of thinning on top now that he was approaching his late thirties. Just a shade short of six foot tall, reasonably slim – nothing about him was out of the ordinary. To the other passengers on the ferry he had undoubtedly looked like a travelling sales representative of some sort with his sample case and his Blackberry. His lack of distinction was one of the reasons for his selection two years previously. Slater had come a long way since then.

His trip had been uneventful but dogged by a creeping paranoia after he had skipped out on the pre-arranged rendezvous and kept heading north. It would not be long before someone would realise that something was up. He had a feeling that by the time that happened it might be too late to do anything anyway. Now here he was stepping off the ferry onto this island at the arse end of nowhere. He gripped the sample case tightly in his left hand and made his way to the rapidly filling bus.


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